Friday, June 5, 2009

Finally, Margaritas on the Porch

Because the decor on the renovated sun porch is loosely based on a Mexican theme, I have been waiting to have margaritas on the porch. Jeanne thought that was a great idea, so she bought us some margarita glasses for the porch, and came over with Maw and Porge, and Michal and Elizabeth, and a Bucket O' Margaritas! A good time was had by all.

Now I have included some photos here, but before you look at them, please be warned that Porge had a fall and landed on the side of his face and side of his leg and is quite black and blue. So here are the photos from their visit. More on his fall in a minute. 

Margaritas on the porch.

Ponty's in the dining room.

 About Porge's fall~ apparently he fell asleep while sitting up at his puzzle table on their porch. He fell off his chair and landed on the floor, hitting the side of his face and his leg, both of which are black and blue and sore. This all happened while Jeanne, Michal and Elizabeth were visiting Niagara Falls. We will keep a close eye on Porge for the next few days. Here is a close up of his injuries.

We talked to Jim tonight and they are looking forward to a fun weekend in Dolores, CO. I'll be glad to have Jim back home on Monday.

Last night I went to the Rochester Redwings baseball game with families from school. It was a perfect night for a ball game and it was a wonderful evening. Our students got to go out on the field and hold the large American Flag for the National Anthem. Everyone had a great time.

My brother Bob put in his last hours this morning as a teacher and is now officially retired, and I wish him nothing but the best in this next chapter of his life.

Hope all is well. 

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