Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Insert Part A Into Slot B

I came home from school today to discover three large boxes in front of the garage door! Our porch furniture had arrived!! So after feeding Jim a hearty dinner, and doing the dishes for him while he showered (he had just come home from practice), he is now on the porch hoping the chairs and sofa go together smoothly! I hear the gentle clicking of the ratchet wrench as I write, and, so far, no cursing!!
I am out the next 2 nights (bells and hospital) so I am doing some planning for this weekend when Corey, John and Ann are here. It will be good to see them all. 

OK, boys, pay attention, here is something else new in the house.

New lampshades on the living room lights. Nothing fancy, just something to replace the very yellowed original shades.

Time to watch American Idol. Those 3 boys that are left sure can sing~I really don't care who wins~I just enjoy listening to them. And then it is on to the elimination show for Dancing with the Stars, and since my favorite pro was voted off last week, I've lost some of my enthusiasm for that. 

Corey raced in Swarthmore College last night and had a good race to end his track season. He ran a personal record in the 5K, so he was pleased. Congrats!

Gram and GrandDad left for Spain today. They will be gone for almost 2 weeks.

Hope all is well.

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Tucker said...

I probably would not have even noticed the different lamp shades... but they look nice!