Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

It has been a nice Mother's Day for me. I got to talk with my Mom, both boys called me, Jim's Mom (and Dad) joined us for dinner and Jim gave me a beautiful hanging basket of flowers to hang by our side door. If you are a Mom, I hope you had a good day too.

Yesterday morning we got going fairly early because Jim was running in a race and I wanted to get a bike ride in before the predicted stormy weather moved in. Here are some photos of Jim at his race. I rode my bike to the race, cheered for Jim and then continued on.
After the first half mile

Coming into the finish area

Crossing the finish line.

Jim finished 11th out of 350 people. He had hoped to run about 10 seconds faster, but, Oh well. Maybe next time.

Our laptop was having problems again so Jim made an appointment at the Apple Store in Victor. After leaving the computer with the Apple Geniuses we went to Napa Woodfired Pizza in Perinton. Here is a photo of the wood fired oven, and our pizzas, fresh from that oven.

Jim's pizza had a Caribbean theme with jerked chicken, pineapple, black bean salsa and a couple of cheeses. Mine had spinach, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes. Both were delicious and we brought home enough of each for another dinner. We'd go back to this restaurant when we were in the area. 

Yesterday and today we did more work in the porch and basement, in anticipation of the chairs being delivered on Tuesday. I think we are ready.

We send our congratulations to nephew Michal who graduated from the University of Tennessee on Friday. We are very proud of him! Here are a few photos that Jeannie sent along, including one of the Commencement Speaker, Dolly Parton!

This is a busy week, I'm not sure when my next post will take place. Stay tuned.

Hope all is well.

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