Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Some signs of spring around the Robinson house, keeping in mind that I do not have a green thumb!

This last photo is of the blossoms on our patio peach tree! It will be gorgeous in the next few days.

Another sign of spring is that Jim is once again hanging the laundry out to dry, no photo.

Good News - Corey just texted us that he got the internship he interviewed for. I will provide more details when I get them from him. Well Done Corey! Now he can start to fit some of the pieces of his summer into one picture. 

I have had some changes in my summer plans and I am very excited about the new possibilities. I was invited to go on a Salmon River trip in Idaho with legendary river runner and conservationist, Martin Litton! Martin was the founder of the river running outfitter, Grand Canyon Dories and was instrumental in halting plans to put more dams in Grand Canyon. He was a one time director of the Sierra Club. Many years ago I did a 21-day river trip through Grand Canyon and Martin was a guide. Martin never ran out of stories to tell around the campfire and riding through a big rapid with him was always an adventure. He will be a guest on this Salmon River trip, but will no doubt, grab the oars once or twice. Because I am going on this trip, Tucker was invited to be a guide on the trip too, which is an amazing opportunity for him. So, I will not be biking in Wisconsin, but rather river running in Idaho. I may try to find another bike ride to do. Maybe something for 5-7 days out west before the river trip.

I had the permanent crown put on my one tooth this afternoon and I am hoping that that procedure will make that tooth functional for many years to come. No photo.

I have the cold that Jim had last week~no swine flu symptoms.

Hope all is well. And go wash your hands!

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coreyrob said...

Thank you for the no photo on the crown. haha.