Friday, April 3, 2009

Into April

This seems like it has been a busy week, and right now it feels good to have a quiet Friday evening at home. I can rest up for tomorrow's 2 big NCAA basketball games. 

Last night was my first night of volunteering at the hospital gift shop by myself and all went well, although I did have to bust a little girl for stealing a small toy. She walked into the shop by herself and went over to the corner where some small children's toys are displayed. She quickly grabbed one and walked out of the store. I saw her put the toy behind her back as she walked over to some couches where her mother was sitting. I walked to the shop doors and called over to the mother, asking her if she would like to buy the toy that her daughter had with her! The mother jumped up, yelled at the girl and made the girl put the toy back and apologize to me. There was no other excitement, just a slow steady stream of customers. The birthing center is right across from the gift shop and it must have been a busy night for babies because there was a lot of traffic around that entrance. The toughest part of my job is closing out the cash register after closing. It really isn't tough, I just need to get used to the routine so I don't need to read and re-read the procedures manual. I called the gift shop manager this afternoon to make sure that everything was in order after I closed and she said I did a fine job, so I am confident that I can handle the job's responsibilities.  

On Wednesday at school my second graders did a gymnastics show for the kindergartners and that was fun. It was, for many children, their first performance in front of people they did not know. The kindergartners were an appreciative audience (except for the one boy who made loud yawning and snoring noises as the 2nd graders performed, I nixed that real quick!) and oooed and aaaahed for the headstands and cartwheels. 

On Thursday I set up Scooterville, which is one of the students' most favorite PE activities. Scooterville is a little town, complete with a Wegmans, car wash, McDonalds, YMCA and gas station. The children drive around on scooters and pretend they are grown ups, buying groceries, ordering food at the drive-thru and getting their scooter washed. Creative play is such an important part of young children's' development and many kids do not get enough opportunity to pretend. Scooterville provides this opportunity and the kids love it. Here are a few photos from today's classes:

Shopping at Wegmans.

Fill 'er up!

Emerging from the car wash!

We do not have much planned for this weekend, which feels good. I hope to finish knitting the baby blanket, which should be no problem. I also need to enter grades on report cards. I finished skeining my latest spinning and may try to take it to the yarn store in East Rochester when my spinning teacher is working and see what she thinks of it. I may enter it in the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival if it gets her stamp of approval. 

I also hope to continue my search for a new bike. Jim did some research and found a Trek bike that I should look at. 

Today I took the Beetle in for inspection and it passed, but the service man said that I will need new tires in the near future. So that is another thing we will have to shop for.

A couple of the blogs that I read have what they call Eye Candy Friday, where they post an eye-catching or interesting photo, so here is an artsy photo of the tulips I bought for my birthday:

The wind is howling and the rain is falling, with the  threat of snow tonight! Spring time is a fickle thing here in Rochester. 

Hope all is well. 

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