Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Today is my birthday and I have had a wonderful few days of fun to celebrate. So here is a picture and caption review of the past few days.

We went to dinner at Mr. Dominic's at the lake on Friday night. After a nice meal we walked down to the beach because it was a lovely evening. We circled around the beach boardwalk to the river pier and then back to Lake Avenue where we had our first Abbotts of the season.

Saturday morning I went to a fundraising event for Young Life with Sherri and Jean T. This was a Baskets and Brunch event. There were 101 themed baskets and we walked around looking at them, putting our raffle tickets in the ones we would like to win. 

Jean and I did not win any baskets, but Sherri came home with 2!! It was fun and I hope Sherri invites me to go next year.

We went bike shopping for me on Saturday afternoon and I test rode 3 bikes. 

I enjoyed each of the bikes, but I still want to look at a couple of other bike manufacturers before I make a decision. 

Saturday night we had dinner at Grandma's and Grandpa's and enjoyed our time together. 

Grandma made me a delicious blueberry pie for dessert.

Sunday morning we were up early~Jim for a run at Mendon Ponds Park with Tony and me to ring bells at church. I did my errands after church and then did some spinning while watching basketball. Dinner was at Gram and GrandDad's and Gram made a wonderful meal of ribs, with apple pie for dessert. 

Jim gave me a perfect birthday gift~a RIT hockey jersey!! I am all ready for next season!

Today was back to school and when my young students hear that it is my birthday, they want to know how old I am! I ask them to guess, and no one ever guesses over 30!! 

Tonight Sally and Bob came over with the cake that Sally made for me.
We had lots of laughs while enjoying the delicious cake! We talked about going on a canoe trip together this summer and I hope we can make it happen. It has been too long since we'd done some serious paddling. 

Interspersed throughout the weekend was good basketball. Unfortunately, Syracuse had a terrible game against Oklahoma on Friday night and is now out of the tournament. There have been some great games on and I have loved every minute of it. March Madness will end this coming weekend, in April!

Tucker, Corey, and my brother Bob called tonight and it was good to catch up with all of them. Thanks guys for calling me!

So that wraps up my birthday celebration. Thanks to all who joined in the celebration!

Hope all is well.

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