Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday News

What a pretty day! When I got up this morning the light was just right, there was a couple inches of fresh, powdery snow and it was still. It was a beautiful morning! So I slipped into my slip-on sneakers and went outside in my bathrobe to try to capture the morning with my camera. Here is the result. It fails miserably, but it is a nice reminder.

For Christmas, we gave Grandma and Grandpa a certificate for some dinners out with us and last night we took them to Agatina's for a nice Italian dinner. We all had a good meal  and all brought home enough for tonight's dinner. We'll have to spread these dinners out over the course of the year, but we already have an idea of where we are going to go next. Sorry, I'm not telling where!

I spent most of the morning doing comments for my report cards. Missing 4 days of school really put me behind schedule and even after a week back at school I am still not as caught up as I would like to be. This Monday the PE department is putting on a Jump Rope for Heart event at school and on Wednesday my PE colleagues and I have to do workshop for some of the other district PE teachers. I'll be ready for both events, but just barely.

Jim and I also took some time today to sort through 3 baskets and boxes of assorted scarves, hats, gloves and mittens. We decided what to keep, what to throw away and what to donate. You boys know what baskets I am talking about so if there was something in there that you absolutely must have, let me know soon, because I will take the donation bag to Odyssey in the next week or so. 

We were watching TV and a commercial came on for financial planning and it showed a person sitting next to a version of themselves only 15 years older. Jim was wondering if he would recognize himself, 15 years older. What do you think? It is an interesting question.

Speaking of commercials, are you ready for the Super Bowl commercials? We have always enjoyed the e-Trade baby commercials and have seen the out-takes from their new series of commercials which are to debut during the Super Bowl.  The out-takes can be found on the e-Trade website and are pretty funny. 

We talked to both Tucker and Corey today. Corey thinks his sore throat is getting better and he has been able to sleep at night (with the help of some cold medicine) so he is hoping to continue on this road to recovery. He has taken a couple of workshops about resume writing and how to find an internship and is going to start the process of identifying some possible internships and then getting his paperwork out there. 

Tucker called from Mexico, using his Mexican cell phone to say that they had arrived at their destination and that it was fabulous! He has an ocean view from this house that he is staying in and working on and today the temp was about 80 degrees and there wasn't a cloud in the sky! Of course we filled him in on what he was missing around here! There is a nice beach right by the house with good fishing and apparently whale sightings are not uncommon. Enjoy!

I am working on knitting a pair of mittens to match my pastel orange cabled scarf and hat. I am designing the pattern myself and have started the first mitten 3 times, trying to find the right sized needles to make the ribbing as tight as I wanted it. The mitten will have one cable running up the back it. I have knit to where I have to hold some stitches for thumb, which will be added after the main part of the mitten is completed. 

Here is a photo of the start of Jim's race from last weekend. There has been quite a bit of trash talk flying across the internet about this race. You'd think these 50-plus year old guys were a bunch of teenage boys! 

We'll be at church tomorrow morning because I have to deacon and Jim is scheduled to be the Lay Litergist. We've learned that it is Youth Sunday, so we are not to sure how much of our jobs will be done by the youth.

I see that the Super Bowl votes are dead even as I write this. Hopefully it will be a good game. The halftime show should be good with Bruce Springsteen. And I like that the game is starting shortly after six, so hopefully I can get to bed at a reasonable hour on a school night. 

Hope all is well. 

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