Friday, December 12, 2008

Ready for a Weekend

Here it is, a Friday in the early evening. Jim is in Spokane, Corey comes home tomorrow and I have a Christmas party to go to tonight. 

On Wednesday we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for a birthday dinner. Grandma cooked a great meal of Swiss Steak, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, green salad, and Apple Crisp for dessert. It was  a wonderful change from the pasta/chicken/broccoli cassarole that Jim and I ate for the three nights prior to dinner at Grandma's! Here are a couple of photos from our dinner.

I had a good allergic reaction to G & G's cats. Shortly after arriving I was getting congested and soon was sneezing. Now I know where the boys get it! About 30 minutes after we got home, my nose began to clear and I was fine by bedtime. Here is one of the culprits of my nasal distress:

Yesterday I did not go to school because I had an appointment with my doctor for a physical. You may remember that I was interested in volunteering at Unity Hospital and the application process requires a full physical from a doctor. It has been awhile since my last physical so I made an appointment and I am pleased to report that I was declared to be in great shape. I do have to have blood work done, which I will do next week.

After my doctor's appointment, I ran to about a dozen different stores around the county and returned books to Gates Library. I had a little success while shopping, but I cannot write anymore about that.

I did go to the East Rochester yarn store and bought yarn for new hat for me. I have wanted to try Fair Isle knitting which involves using 2 colors of yarn. This Fair Isle hat pattern seems fairly straight forward, especially for a beginner. I got started on the hat last night and will hope to get some more knitting done tonight.

I've been doing the parachute at school the past few days and the kids just love it. My hair is a disaster from all the static electricity in the parachute that makes my hair stand on end when we are all under the parachute! It is a great opportunity to help the children learn that it is OK to laugh at yourself when others are laughing!

I think a lot of the staff from school will be at the party tonight. It is at the home of one of our teachers and I imagine it will be quite crowded, unless she has some kind of mansion. I don't plan to stay late, but we'll see how much fun I am having.

Tomorrow is cookie day. Gram will be here at 9AM ready to cut, roll  and dip lots of cookies. We work really well together. GrandDad has ground up a bag of nuts so we are ready to go. 

Corey will be home tomorrow afternoon. I think I will have to pick him up in Penfield. 

Jim races around 11:30 (2:30 Rochester time). I think the weather report has improved since he left here yesterday morning. Good Luck, Jim and Run Fast!!

Hope all is well.  

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