Monday, December 29, 2008

Off We Go!

As 2008 winds down and we pack up the Christmas decorations, we look forward to bringing in the new year at Jenny Lake.

The four of us have been making some screamin' music on our Wii Rock Band! It is quite addictive as we try to improve our skills and earn new songs to try to play. The four of us rotate through playing lead guitar, the bass, the drums and vocals. The vocals assignment is the least favorite, but we each have songs that we do pretty well. 

I have enjoyed the WiiFit and WiiSport. Again, the more we use it the more games and levels we unlock. 

In order to enjoy our Wii system even more we convinced Jim that we really needed a new TV. Some of you may know that when our house was robbed almost 3 years ago, we never replaced the TV that was stolen from our living room. We moved the small TV from our bedroom downstairs and have been making due with the small screen. That worked OK unless we were trying to watch a TV program that involved a ball (golf, tennis, baseball, football) or were trying to read any of the small print that streams across the lower edge of the screen (think weather warnings), then the viewing was not so good. So here is a photo of Corey playing one of the WiiFit games on our new TV. It is a wonderful upgrade and my Rock Band skills improved immensely once I could actually see the notes coming at me!

Corey helped me decorate the tree and Tucker helped me take it down and put away most of the Christmas. I don't like to go away for New Year's and then come home to undecorate the house, so we are good to go now.

We're not sure about what conditions we will find at Jenny Lake, snow, no snow, ice, no ice, but we are prepared for most outdoor activities. 

My amaryllis plants are getting ready to bloom! Check out this photo.

I don't know whether or not I will be able to blog about our activities at camp because the internet access is sketchy. If not, I thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I wish you joy and peace in 2009

Hope all is well. 

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