Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas-a Day Late!

It has been awhile since I posted a new blog entry and it is because we have been so busy, not because there has been nothing to write about. So here is a review of what we've been up to.

First of all, Merry Christmas. I hope it was a good day for you. We had a wonderful day with family and friends, but more on that later.

This past Monday we had a snow day from school because of blowing snow and arctic temperature. It was a great day at home, getting ready for the upcoming holiday. In the middle of the afternoon, we drove over to Syracuse, where they were in the midst of getting 8-12 inches of snow! We had tickets to an SU basktetball game against Coppin State. But first we ate dinner at the German restaurant I like so much~ I enjoyed it and the boys managed to find things they liked! Bob, Sally, and Liz joined us at the game and we had a good time watching Syracuse win the game.

Tuesday was my last day at school before our Winter Recess and Jim started his vacation time. Corey invited a couple of his high school friends over for dinner so he and Tucker made us all a wonderful dinner of BBQ ribs. 

On Christmas Eve Day we readied for a big dinner gathering at our house. Grandma did all the cooking and brought dinner to our house. Bob and Joanie arrived from Michigan so we were 10 around the dinner table. We ended our evening by attending the 11 PM service at church and it was a wonderful service with good music. 

Christmas morning did not start until after 9 AM, a real change from the days when the boys were little and would be up with the sun in anticipation of seeing if Santa came. Well, even with a later start, we did discover that Santa stopped at our house and left us some wonderful gifts.

Gram, GrandDad, Bob and Joanie came over to spend Christmas morning with us and have a traditional breakfast of egg strata, Bishops Bread, grapefruit and juice. Once again, we had another great meal. 

Jim gave me the Wii Sport and Wii Fit system for Christmas and we quickly got that set up and started to play with the many fun options that are available. In the photo below, I am trying to launch myself on the Ski Jump game.

Later in the day as the family and friends arrived we got them involved in Wii Sports. Here are some photos of the grandparents trying to figure out this crazy way to go bowling.

We had a lot of laughs and got some exercise before sitting down to Christmas dinner. This is a fuzzy photo, but it documents the 13 people who gathered at our house for this celebration.

Liz asked if we could do a sing-along after sitting between Tucker and Corey and in front of Bob at church the night before so after dinner Bob switched between playing Corey's new electric keyboard and our very out-of-tune piano and we sang a variety of holiday songs. It was  fun time. When we didn't know the lyrics or chords to a song Jim would do a quick internet search to get us through a song.
Our night ended with a duet with Corey and Bob K. singing a song that is normally done by a male and female singer with brother, Bob, accompanying them. 

This morning we four braved the crowds at the mall and went shopping for Rock Band to go with my Wii. We bought that and an extra guitar and an extra controller! We spent the next hour learning how to rock and roll!
We took a break around lunchtime to go to Schaller's for lunch with the family, one of the things that my brother Bob has to do when he is in town. 

When we returned the home, the four of us spent the next 2 hours playing Rock Band! It is addictive and great fun! I feel like we could do a commercial for Mastercard:
An extra guitar - $20
Rock Band - 100-plus dollars
Two hours of playing with your kids - Priceless!

Tonight Gram, GrandDad, Bob and Joanie came over for a night of Pontillo's pizza, beer and Three Stooges. We watched several episodes and then went back to some Rock Band performances!

Here are some final Rock Band photos with some jammin' band members.

Hope all is well.

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