Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Trivia

Tuesday's are long days because I have a staff meeting at 7:30 AM. And today I got an even earlier start because the district offered an opportunity to get a flu shot, starting at 7 AM. I got to the flu shot site just before 7 and was finished and back in my car just after 7! As I was leaving I saw Mrs. D. from Odyssey Music and she asked about you, Tucker and Corey, and said to say "hi". 

I did the final clipping on my debut basket tonight and present it here for your perusal. As I look closely at these pictures I see that I need to trim some of the fly-away edges, so I will take care of that before I go to my next class

Tucker just called and we had a nice conversation with him. I guess it is too early to start counting days until he comes home!

Taking advantage of the slump in the stock market we are now the proud owners Apple Stock. Of course Corey told us to buy this stock years ago after buying his first iPod and recognizing its greatness! So I will now encourage you to go buy a Mac Book, an iPod, iTouch, or iPhone!!!

The Dancing with the Stars results show starts in a few minutes and you know what I am hoping will happen! Did you see Derek's and Brooke's dance last night? It was incredible!

Who do you have in the World Series? I will put a poll up in the left corner of the blog and you can vote through Friday afternoon. 

Hope all is well. 


coreyrob said...

Love the basket! Very cool.

Tucker said...

I believe that I told you guys to buy apple stock, not Corey! Like that basket as well!