Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rhinebeck and More

I love fiber festivals! I love the anticipation of going. I love the yarn. I love the roving. I love seeing people wearing their wonderful works of art. I love the animals. I love the lamb food choices. I love seeing new things. I love being surrounded by the fiber world.

So, now you know I had a great trip. Here's how it played out.

Sally and I left Rochester at 2:30 PM on Friday. We arrived at Jenny Lake at 6:40 PM, after being completely amazed at the fall colors along the Sacandaga Lake. The sun was setting and it was illuminating the trees along our route so it looked like we were driving through a tunnel of fire-all brilliant reds, oranges and yellows. It just kept getting better and better with each turn until the sun finally set behind the hills. We quickly unloaded our stuff into camp and headed back to the car for a trip into Corinth for supper. We had a quiet dinner at Jack's reviewing the maps for our drive the next day to Rhinebeck.

When we returned to camp, we got the space heaters going and I built a fire. By the time we got camp warmed up it was time to go to bed. Thank goodness for electric blankets. It was a cold clear night and the temp was around freezing when we got up at 6 AM. 

It was a 2-plus hour drive to Rhinebeck, which is in the Hudson River Valley. The day dawned clear and cool (frost on the ground, until the sun hit it) and was perfect weather for our new sweaters.

We arrived at Rhinebeck at 9 AM, and were part of the first group through the gates. We started going in and out the many vendor barns. Sally quickly found some lovely torquoise yarn, to coordinate with the current sock project so she was happy with her early success. I discovered some dark green fiber and fell in love with the other subtle colors running through it. Since I have little experience buying fiber to spin for a sweater I had no idea how much to buy. This fiber was bundled in half pound hanks. I knew my spinning teacher was at the festival, helping out at one of the booths. I also knew that she would be able to tell me how much fiber I should buy. So we set out to go through the remaining vendor areas, looking for my teacher, Deb. We were lucky in that we found her in the next barn and she gave me the info I was looking for (2.5 pounds). So I quickly went back to the vendor with the gorgeous fiber and fortunately no one had bought it out from under me. So now I was really happy with my purchase. One of the things I had looked for at the Maryland festival in May was roving from a Blue-faced Leister sheep. I have heard and read that this is wonderful fiber to spin so I wanted to try. Later in the afternoon, I found a vendor with a bag full so I bought 2.5 pounds of that too. I had better get spinning!!! I did buy one skien of the softest silk yarn, thankfully that does not require spinning, only knitting.

We bought a bread bowl filled with lamb chili from the local 4-H kids and shared that for lunch. We were "guarding" that "blooming onion" in the photo for a couple we shared the table with, but they had to leave for a minute and we said we would watch it!

We sampled a variety of NYS foods and wine being offered for sale-Sally bought some maple cotton candy. Can you guess which bag has the cotton candy and which one has my BFL roving?

We both had on new "Rhinebeck" sweaters, and got many compliments on them. We also gave out many compliments to things other folks were wearing. We saw some amazing projects-always inspiring!

When our feet were tired and we were satisfied with our acquitions, we decided to call it a day. On our way to my car, we saw this license plate and it put a smile on our faces. 

On the way home, Sally suggested we stop at the Finger Lakes casino in Canandaigua. I lost my limit within the first hour and Sally was having some luck so played for another hour and came away with some gas money. We got home just before 10 PM, after a wonderful day with the sheep and fiber. 

Today was another beautiful day. We slept in until 8:45 AM which is unheard of! We both did wake up early in the morning when the newspaper man threw the newspaper against the house. We heard the "whack". When Jim got the paper he discovered that the paper was thrown so hard that it bent the metal cross-bar behind the screen door! Now I have to call the paper and complain about that. 

But it was a good day none the less.  Jim picked 5 more pecks of apples and I gave one of those pecks to a neighbor that was walking by.
I guess I will be back in the applesauce business. I also did some work outside, mostly blowing the tiny locust tree leaves off the driveway. 

I got some spinning done this afternoon and tonight have started knitting on a moebius scarf. More about that another time.

Hope all is well. 

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