Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

After an hour's delay in Cleveland, Jim is on the last leg of his flights home. He should be here around 9:30 PM. Today is his 55th birthday, which brings him great joy because he is now at the young end of a new age group for competitive running.

On Sunday I potted 3 amaryllis bulbs which hopefully I can get to bloom around Christmas. I supposedly have bulbs for one red plant, one red and white plant, and one white plant with red edges. I'm just hoping that I get 3 plants to bloom, I'm not too particular about the colors. In previous years I have started the bulbs too late for Christmas blossoms, and had to enjoy them around Valentine's Day! They take longer to flower because we keep our house on the cool side. I will keep you posted on their progress.

Speaking of flowers, I noticed that my Christmas Cactus is getting some buds. And one leaf has 2 buds-twins! Ever since I repotted that cactus into a larger pot it has looked much healthier, so hopefully it will put on a good flower show.

Yesterday was the first day of my Fall Fun House in Physical Education. It is a wildly popular event for all of our students and they have been doing a great job. There are 2-3 classes participating at any given hour time block and it is wonderful to see the older kids helping out the younger ones. 

While watching the news tonight, the weather report from the other side of the state was pretty shocking for October! Jenny Lake may be under a nice blanket of snow! It was reported that Syracuse got some measurable snow so I called Corey and sure enough he reported that snow was accumulating on the ground. We had a nice conversation about his comings and goings. He is going to travel with the team to the Big East meet on Friday, in NYC, but probably won't be one of the 9 runners. There are a couple of questions about a few of the guys in front of him, so there is a small chance that he will be needed to suit up and race. 

In a few minutes I will tune into the results show for Dancing with the Stars. As usual, you know who I am hoping will get the boot. Her dance last night was an embarrassment to the show and to the other dancers who are taking the competition seriously. 

This time next week we will be listening to the newscasters predict the presidential winner based on .07% of the returns! Is anyone else ready to be done with all the campaign nonsense? 

I continue to knit on my moebius scarf. I must be 3/4 of the way through the ball of yarn. 

Tomorrow night is my bell rehearsal and Thursday night is basket making. Never a dull moment!

Hope all is well. 


PatC. said...

Definitely snow in other parts of the state--Kristen's school was dismissed at 11 today because of heavy wet snow and potential power outages. I know as a teacher you'll appreciate that. She went home to do grad work. Happy Birthday, Jim!

Liz said...

Your Dancing with the Stars wish has come true! Who do you want to see win this season?