Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Eve

Twas the night before Halloween, and all through the house. . . there must be a poem there, but I'm too tired to make words rhyme.

Today was the last day of the Fall Fun House in Physical Education at school. In addition to helping (carrying) 54 Pre-K kids on the rope swing, I had to put all the equipment away at the end of the day. Fortunately, one of the father's who was a volunteer in the gym this afternoon stayed and helped me haul some of the heavier stuff. 

Before our first class this morning, our principal came into the PE office and said that the superintendent of our schools was coming by today and the principal wanted to know if it was OK if she sent him into the gyms to see what was going on. My colleagues and I said "yes" because we think the Fall Fun House activity is great for a variety of reasons. So, shortly after 10 AM, the superintendent walked in my gym. He got to see a multi-age activity with the older students helping out the younger kids. He got to see all 80 students actively engaged in meaningful and challenging activities. He got to see 4 parent volunteers helping the kids. And he got to see all 80 kids having fun and working hard! Their joy made him smile! He told my colleagues that it looked like a great activity! With so much emphasis on students' reading and math test scores, it was our pleasure to show him another important component of a child's education-Physical Education. I told him to come back anytime!

Liz left a comment on my last entry, asking who I was hoping would win on Dancing with the Stars. From week one, I have been rooting for Derek and Brooke. I think Derek is an amazing dancer and choreographer. He always seems to come up with dances that have very unique moves in them and that showcase his star's strengths.  Plus, he is cute!

Congratulations to all you Phillies Phans! Last night's 3 inning game was just the right amount of time for a game!

Are you ready for Halloween? I bought Raisenets (sp?) and Kit Kats to give out. Those are 2 of Jim's favorites so he will eat what ever is left over. 

Time to go to basket weaving class.

Hope all is well. 

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