Saturday, September 27, 2008

Vibe's First Road Trip

First off, I am feeling better. Thanks for the good wishes. 

Jim and I drove to Jenny Lake on Friday afternoon in the new Vibe. The car was quite comfortable to ride in and to drive. We were pleased with the 32 miles per gallon that the Vibe got on the thruway and the mountain roads. It was raining a bit when we arrived at camp, but Gram and GrandDad had a small fire going so camp was warm and dry. Gram bought the last pint of Adirondack Bear Paw ice cream in Corinth, so we celebrated the end of another summer season with a wonderful bowl of that delicious treat! We watched the presidential debate and then turned in. This is the time of year when the acorns are falling off the trees above the camp and at times those acorns can sound like rounds of artillary! Fortunately, the winds were calm, so the noise did not keep us awake.

This morning, in the misty rain, we got all the camp closing chores completed in good time. Jim had hoped to run at camp before we left for a meet-up with Corey at SU, but he forgot his orthodic inserts for his sneakers, so could not go for that run. We decided to leave camp earlier than originally planned and take Corey out for lunch instead of dinner so Jim could be home in time to get his run in before it got dark. So that is what we did. 

We got to Corey's about 1:15 and delivered a bunch of food (smoked pork chops, brownies, apple cider, and the real prize, Aunt Joanie's sauce), and a cutting from my Christmas cactus that I have been rooting for him. We watched the SU vs. Pitt football game on TV for a while and then went into town for lunch. Our plan was to eat at the Funk 'n Waffles restaurant, but when we got there, there was a sign saying that they were closed today. A guy who worked there was coming out of the door and said that they were closed down because of a plumbing problem! We walked on, ending up at the Varsity, where there were 10 TV'v all tuned to the SU game. Now SU was winning for most of the game and lost the game in the last 10 minutes! Most people think the SU football coach's days are numbered! After lunch we walked around campus, including a walk through the newest Newhouse building. See photo below. 

Before leaving, Corey took our new car for a spin through his apartment complex and gave it his approval. 

We got home about 5:30 PM, Jim got his miles in and we are now settled in for an evening of watching football and knitting (me, not Jim). I have finished knitting the body of my sweater and will seam the shoulders tonight so I can start knitting the sleeves. I am still optimistic that I can finish this sweater by Oct. 18th.

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to tour one or two alpaca farms with Pam B. This weekend is National Alpaca Farm Weekend (I cannot believe that no one has sent me a card commemorating this holiday!!!) and the alpaca farms in this area are having Open Houses, or is it Open Farms? There are more alpaca farms in this area than I ever would have guessed. 

I have a correction: In my last entry I said that Michal's wedding was 2 weeks away. Well, the mother of the groom left a comment that the wedding was one week away, not 2! Indeed, Jeannie is right-by this time next week, Michal and Elizabeth will be hitched and we will be in Tennessee to help them celebrate that occasion!

You can look forward to some alpaca photos tomorrow. Until that time. . .

Hope all is well.

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