Monday, September 22, 2008

No Money, No Miles

Today was a no money, no miles day, and we think that is a good thing. We spent no money and drove no miles on our cars. Jim walked to work and I rode my bike. This is a very rare occurrence and we always feel good when we can make it happen.

The history of recognizing these 2 circumstances  goes back 26 years, to our days on our year and a half trip around the country. We were unemployed at the time and living off of our savings. We got a great deal of satisfaction when we were able to not spend any money or put any miles on our car and still follow our travel plans. 

So today was one of those days and I guess I had forgotten about the money and miles challenge for quite a while. If we thought about it more often, we may be able to make it happen more often. Tomorrow I'll have to drive because I have to be at school early for a staff meeting and I have yoga after school. Jim will drive to work because he has practice after work. Can you make a no money, no miles day  happen?

Hope all is well. 

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