Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Tuesday

Random thoughts for a Tuesday evening:
1. Jim got to Brussels without delay. Upon landing he immediately had to go to meetings. He reports that he got a quick run in before a 3 hour dinner. Hopefully he won't fall asleep in his entree!
2. I managed to get most of the lawn cut this afternoon, in spite of the grass being wet from an afternoon of rain.
3. My sweater project is progressing along nicely. I am 2/3 of the way down the first sleeve.
4. I've started to pack for our Memphis trip on Friday.
5. Jim's jury summons came in the mail today!
6. I am hoping (praying) that Cloris Leachman gets voted off Dancing With the Stars.

I am closing with 2 more photos from Jim's trip to see Tucker in Utah. The first photo is of Tucker's house in Bluff.

Oh, one more random thought:
7. A cell tower is being built in Bluff!  Tucker, Can you hear me now?!

The second photo is one more beautiful scene from their backpacking trip in Paria Canyon. 
Hope all is well.

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