Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wonderful Day One

Reporting from Harlan, Iowa. Our route today was 59 miles long and we went through Beebeetown, Minton, Shelby, and a couple of other towns whose names I cannot remember. The temps were OK since we were done riding by 11:15 AM but they are heating up now, must be in the 90's.

Last night was pretty sketchy for sleep but I managed a few hours. As I went to bed, Mother Nature put on quite a light and sound show with the threat of a good storm but the storm went to the north. We got lots of wind, but no rain. The trains are the biggest sleep disrupter as they roll through Missouri Valley at least every half hour, sometimes more frequently. And of course they are blowing their horns!

In typical RAGBRAI fashion, I enjoyed a homemade cinnamon roll early this morning and had a great smoothie near the end of the ride!

We will wander around the main downtown area where the courthouse and vendors are located. I think spaghetti may be in order for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is an 84 mile day with an optional 16 mile loop to make a Century ride. I'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow and what the weather is doing before I decide whether or not to do the extra loop.

I guess that's all from Iowa right now. Of course, storms are in the forecast again for tonight. They are scattered, but very intense.

Hope all is well.

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PA Osters said...

As Ususal Mr. Norman chokes again. I guess it was a good thing that he was in the game.

Jim O