Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wind, Wind, Blow the Other Way

Report from Tama-Toledo, Iowa. After a good night's sleep after a brief fireworks show at 10 PM, we were on the road at 5:45 AM! Again, that is such a great time to ride, the temps are perfect and the wind hasn't picked up yet. Sally made a comment that she hadn't seen as many people pulled over with flat tires this year and not more than 5 minutes later we started seeing lots of people repairing tires along the side of the road! It appeared that some low-life, idiot, trouble-maker, etc., put tacks all on the road for several miles. People were getting flats left and right! We ended up riding in the other lane of traffic which seemed tack-free. We did make it through that treacherous area without picking up a tack, but it was very stressful riding.

Today we rode 77 miles, most of it into the wind! The route went mostly east and south and the winds were from the southeast! It was harder work than usual out there today. We did have some fun times in the towns and ate some good food. Here is my food list for today: FiberOne bar, gatorade (before getting on the bike), a large cup of fruit from the same vendor as yesterday, 2 applesauce cookies, another gatorade, one pork burger, 4 peanut butter cookies, one free ActiveWater, one free banana, powerade, Corn on the cob, lasagna, salad, garlic bread, lemon bar, and a small pecan sticky roll for a bedtime snack! I love riding my bike!!

We rode under sunny skies and the temps were in the mid to upper 80's. That isn't bad. We came by some flooded areas and some of the sights we have seen have been devasting. Speaking of floods, apparently there were big rains in Rochester and lots of areas got flooded, including our backyard-after the town did all that work so that the floods would not happend. Jim sent me a photo which showed the water level higher than it has ever been! Jim will be on the phone tomorrow! But back to Iowa, our route went over several rivers/streams that had receeded back into their banks, but there are many new lakes left over.

When I get home I will do a blog of lots of photos from RAGBRAI so you can see what fun I have been having. Right now I am going to hear a band called Dogs on Skis-a classic rock band!

Tomorrow we ride 76 miles, with a few less hills, but more wind from the southeast, and you guessed it, we are travelling southeast!

Hope all is well.

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