Sunday, July 27, 2008

Halfway Home

Reporting from Maumee, Ohio.

I was on the road by 8 AM, and then I realized that I would lose an hour today so it was really like starting at 9. No problem. My drive was uneventful and I cruised through the area south of Chicago, most of the time going 70 mph! It certainly wasn't traffic free, but I just got in the left lane (no trucks) and went with the flow. I made one stop along the Indiana part of I-80 for gas and lunch and was here at my hotel just before 3 PM.

The highlight of my drive was when my cell phone rang and it was Joanie calling just to chat! They had left their home this morning heading for Jenny Lake, via a night in Rochester and were just a ways ahead of me on the interstate!! We chatted for a while and it sure made 10-15 miles go by in a jiffy! Thanks for the call Joanie. If my phone had rung while I was flying through Chicago, I would not have answered it!

I slept good last night and have not felt really tired today until I sat down here at the hotel! After checking the weather, I bought a ticket to tonight's Toledo Mudhen's baseball game! The game is almost sold out so I was only able to get a single seat in the middle of a section, so I'm hoping I'm not sitting in the middle of a bunch of yahoos! Maybe I'll catch a nap before I go to the game.

I listened to a bunch of my knitting podcasts while driving today and learned a few things. Tomorrow I plan on finishing my book on tape. Jeannie left me a comment on one of my earlier posts about the availability of books on tape at Cracker Barrel Restaurants. Apparently you can borrow a set of tapes at one Cracker Barrel restaurant and return it to another restaurant! That is very cool and I am glad to know that.

I am looking forward to getting home tomorrow. It will be good to see Jim and Corey and share my RAGBRAI experience with them. I will transfer my photos from the camera to the computer so I can put some in the blog. Also, Jim and I are going to Canandaigua for a long weekend on Friday so I need to get all my stuff from this trip cleaned up and put away and get ready for that. Some of my gear from this trip will be set aside so it is ready to go in a couple of weeks when I pack up for my Great Hudson River Valley Pedal.

Nap time.

Hope all is well.

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