Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Miles

I've gotten some good biking in this weekend, a good start to my serious training for RAGBRAI. Yesterday morning rain and thunder moved through so I did alot of errands between the rain drops. Then I noticed that the sun was out so I jumped on my bike and rode 26 miles, in the sunshine. I have been doing most of my training rides by myself and I realized that Bob K. was home alone and may want to ride with me today so we made our arrangements. 

Jim and I went to church this morning and heard a good sermon about Random Acts of Kindness. After we got home, I changed into my biking clothes, ate a PB&J sandwich and waited for Bob to arrive. We decided that we would ride a loop with Bob riding here and then we would ride together for a while, going back to his house and then I would ride home from there. While at church, I invited Jim and Pam to ride with us since Bob and I could take a route right past their house. So that's what we did. Unfortunately, right before we arrived at J & P's, Pam hurt her back while pulling a couple of weeds. She tried to ride  her bike but knew that it wasn't going to work before she got to the end of her driveway. So, it was me and the guys. 

We ended up doing 40 plus miles with threatening skies approaching as we dropped off Bob at his house. Jim and I rode as fast as I could taking note of the changable winds and the sudden temperature drop. About 5 minutes after I got home, the thunder started shaking the shutters and shortly after that the rain started. Not a gentle rain that an experience rider could manage, but a torrential downpour with lots of thunder and lightening that an experienced rider knows is a dangerous situation. Jim had to seek shelter under the eaves of a house not far from here and called Pam to come to pick him up. A wise choice indeed! 

Jim and Corey are watching the TV coverage of the Track and Field Olympic trials. There is never enough quality coverage of track according to those guys!

Here are a couple of photos that may be of interest. The first one is one that Tucker sent of him and his colleagues with the snowman they built at the end of May in La Sal, UT. 

This photo is a bad representation of the Baby Surprise Jacket that I made for the baby that one of my colleagues  is expecting. The dark stripes are green and navy blue but that is difficult to tell. I do like that pattern and the "surprise" part of the jacket is the design of the pattern. One piece of fabric is knitted and then magically folded up so that the only seams that need to be sewn are the shoulder seams. 

Tomorrow I have to start to pack for our trip to Jenny Lake on Tuesday. We will be there from July 1-6. 

Hope all is well.


PatC. said...

Hi Marge
This is another blog that I read. I thought you might be interested in the fleece aspect
Enjoy your week at the Lake. I'm home alone--Ken went to Roscoe with the girls to paint Kristen's porch.

Amy Johnson said...

I've got another blog for you to check out...I think you will find it very interesting. One of my friends...well, check it out as I think you may be able to give some good advice to her! Please share with Tucker and Corey...especially Tucker as they may have the opportunity to cross paths!