Thursday, January 3, 2008

Vacation Thursday

This is really nice to have the rest of this New Year's week off from school. Tucker and I stayed up late last night to see Robin Williams on the Letterman show, and I am getting lots of little (and some big) jobs done around the house. It is going to be tough getting back into my school routine next week after having 2 weeks off. 

Today the City Mattress people came back to switch the foundations under our new mattress. We had 9" foundations, which, when combined with the new, really thick mattress made the bed so high that I literally had to climb up to get into bed. Now this is not really a problem now, but since I hope to keep this mattress for 15-20 years, that means I would still be climbing up when I was 70, and I don't know if I will want to be
doing that. So we had City Mattress exchange the 9" foundations for the 5" ones and our bed is back to the height that it used to be. 

Bitter cold day today, but fear not, the forecast is for 50 degree temps by early next week! 

Corey has some friends over tonight for some Yahtzee. Christian drove up from Candor (near Ithaca) this afternoon and will spend the night. Judy is here for the game and a Plate at Tahoe's later this evening. Christian and Corey met through their running and
Christian now runs for the University of Colorado. Corey had his haircut today but you cannot tell from the photo because he is wearing his new hat that I made. He took some photos  to my hairdresser, Michael, and showed him what he wanted his hair to look like, and I think Michael cut it the way Corey wanted. 

I've included a couple of my knitting photos here. The hat is one of three I have made from that pattern in the past 2 weeks. I made 2 for me (long story as to why I have 2) and one for Corey. I also included a photo of Tucker's fingerless mittens, which were a Christmas present I made for him. He calls them his homeless person gloves!

Jim and I signed the papers tonight allowing the town to dig up our yard to fix the drainage problem that has developed in the past few years. They hope to get started in the next couple of weeks, with the landscaping work being done in the spring. 

The Yahtzee game has been put away and the kids have gotten out UNO Attack and convinced Tucker to join the game. This should be lively!

I am still recovering from my snow tubing injury. I have several sore spots on my back and things like vacuuming and shoveling hurt my back. I did run for a short while today on a treadmill and that was OK. My right elbow has a good bruise on it and the bump on my head is not a bump anymore, just a sore spot. Hopefully my back will recover in a timely fashion because I don't like being aware of my back. 

Hope all is well.

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Judy said...

Mrs. R Corey showed me your blog today and it's great! i recently took up knitting (a week ago) and just made a hat!