Saturday, January 5, 2008

99 Posts

Wow! Here is the 99th blog entry! 

To celebrate 99 entries, please notice the new Empty Nest icon in the upper left corner of the blog. For quite awhile I have wanted to have a business card with the Empty Nest web address on it so when I take a photo and tell people in the photo that they are going to be in my blog, I can give them a card with the web address and they can check out their photo. So this morning I finally put a card together and Corey helped me find a clip art drawing of an empty nest. I liked this particular one because of the shape of the tree. The boys wondered whether there should have been 2 birds left in the nest, but we informed them that we are out and about more now that they have left the nest! 

Tucker went to a wedding this afternoon/evening of a friend from high school. He got all
 dressed up for the occassion, definitely a blog-worthy happening! After wearing Corey's suit and Jim's shoes to the wedding, he came home and changed in to Corey' plaid sport coat, his own cargo pants and his faithful footwear, his sandals!

Corey is going back to SU tomorrow, a week ahead of the first day of classes of the new semester. He is going back early because the indoor track team is resuming its practice schedule. 

We got our confirmation for the condominium that we wanted to rent for the 6 days we are in San Diego in February. If you want to see our beach house, check out this website

San Diego Beach House
Hope all is well.

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Amy Johnson said...

Wow! It's amazing how good they look when they dress up!! Do your condo people want to rent their place to me when I'm there in June for the US Open?!