Thursday, January 17, 2008

Scooterville Action

We are having a rip-roaring good time in Scooterville this week at school. Today was the third day of Scooterville and the students who had PE today had heard all about it from their friends, so they arrived at the gym all worked into a lather! I set up 12 different things that you might find in a community, a Wegmans, a playground, a library, an ice-cream parlor, etc. The children move around on their scooters and pretend that this is all real. Their favorite activities are the car-wash, McDonalds, Wegmans and the gas station. I so enjoy watching the children get into their roles, which they take quite seriously. They know how to order a meal at the drive-thru, they know to go to the bank before going to the gas station (cash only!) and they are generous beyond compare as they bring the Sheriff of Scooterville (yours truly) pretend treats from the ice-cream parlor. At the end of their PE time, the children who were safe drivers and good citizens of Scooterville get a Scooterville Driver's License, a reward greater than gold to these children. The very few children who have not earned their Driver's License are given a Scooterville Learner's Permit, not quite the reward they were hoping for. Out of over 300 children so far, I have only given out 3 Learner's Permits. Please do not send me comments about how I am destroying these childrens' self-esteem. Trust me these 3 kids have no shortage of self-esteem, just a complete disregard for the rules and their classmates. So I am looking forward to one more day of Scooterville and then I will put it all away until next year!

Jim called from NYC at 8 PM and it looks like he will get home on time tonight, about 10:15. It will be good to have him home. 

We got some good news at our church this week. Our Pulpit Nominating Committee is presenting their candidate on Sunday! He will preach and then we will vote on whether we want him. I am hoping for the best as I am ready for our permanent pastor to be installed. We haven't been to church very regularly lately, but I was already planning on being there this Sunday because my bell choir is ringing at the service. Hopefully the guy won't withdraw his application after he hears us ring! 

That's all for now. I have to go knit. One of Corey's friends was coveting the orange hat I knit for Corey. When I asked Corey if he thought Kyle would like me to make one for him, Corey said, "Yes" so I am trying to finish the hat so I can send it along with Jim to Cornell this weekend. 

Jeanne, in response to your comment. Yes, that baby jacket does come with directions for an adult size. In the near future I will tell you where to find the pattern. 

Hope all is well.

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Joanie said...

Building self-esteem is important when it is warranted! Somewhere kids need to learn responsibility and accept their roles! We can't all be perfect at everything, and it's okay.(There - I'm off my soapbox!) Have a good weekend!