Friday, January 18, 2008

Life's Great Mystery Solved

You saw it here first folks! Check out this photo of Steve C. solving the TAKITAPART puzzle. This wooden puzzle, with a penny "trapped" within it, has been in our house for many years and Steve solved the puzzle! During our evening of casual conversation, he examine how the thing was put together while Jim did a patent search on the puzzle. Steve looked at that puzzle from all angles and then made the correct moves and was victorious as the penny and puzzle pieces fell into his hands. Well Done! Now that Steve has taken the puzzle apart and re-assembled it, our evening is complete. Steve is in town from Williamsburg, VA, to run in a race tomorrow in Ithaca. But now that the puzzle has been solved, tomorrow's race is rather inconsequential! 

In all modesty, I must take a little credit for Steve's success, because he was reveling in the nirvana that can only be achieved by Carrot Cake Cookies.

Hope all is well.

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