Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Friendly Skies

Tucker made it back to Colorado today as planned. His three flights were either on time or early and he had no "mechanical" problems! Yipee! Alleluia! Hip-hip-hooray! So now he will spend a few days skiing with friends and then back to work in Bluff. 

It was good to have both boys home but now that they are gone, the house is quiet and tidy again. We'll see Corey at an SU basketball game in the near future and then meet up with both boys in San Diego in February.

Jim  and I drove to Henrietta to try to see The Bucket List on a free screening pass. When we pulled into the movie theater parking lot, the line to get in was very, very long, and that was 40 minutes before the show was to start. The older I get, the more I dislike lines, so we just kept driving and came home. I guess we will pay full price at the movie theater right next door to us sometime to see the movie. 

Did I mention how quiet the house was?

I had my Yoga class tonight and I almost fell asleep during the meditation part right at the end! Tired and relaxed is a deadly combination when one is lying down with the lights out and soft music playing in the background.

Another record breaking day for a high temp, somewhere in the high 60's. Thunderstorms are in the forecast for tomorrow, with cooler temps on the way.

Time to get back to my knitting in our very quiet house (where there are no dirty glasses or nacho plates on the living room table and only 2 chairs at the kitchen table).

From our very quiet house, hope all is well.

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Joanie said...

Quiet is nice, confusion is nice, a messy house is nice - everything has a time and a place!

Thanks for being so diligent with your blog. I like being in the loop.