Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wintery Thursday

Winter returned today with just enough punch to remind us where we live and who is in charge. It snowed good from about 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM and we got about 4-5 inches. I think there was a bit of over reaction to this "storm" because most evening activities in the Greater Rochester area were cancelled. I went out shopping tonight and the main roads were wet but clear and getting around was not a problem. The good part of this over reaction was that a PE meeting I was supposed to attend after school today was cancelled! I did my dance of joy when I heard that news! Instead of going to a meeting, I came home, revved up the snow blower and cleaned out the driveway. I would much rather snow blow than go to a meeting! It stopped snowing just as I put the snow blower away so we should be good for the morning drive out. 

Last night I checked iChat and found Corey was connected and we were treated to him and his friend Jordan giving us a mini-concert! Jim and I will drive to SU tomorrow late in the afternoon, pick up Corey, stop for dinner at Alto Cinco, and then head home. The weather is looking OK for that drive. 

We are watching the weekend weather as Tucker is scheduled to fly in on Saturday night. Our trusty (but overly enthusiastic) weatherman on Channel 10 is terribly excited about another winter storm that is headed our way this weekend. However, it sounds like the high winds and heavy snows are supposed to start later on Saturday night. So, if Tucker doesn't get delayed somewhere else, he should get here before the s*&# hits the fan (that's snow, get your mind out of the gutter!). Now, if he gets delayed, all bets are off as to when we might see him because right now the pending storm sounds impressive. I have learned that the forecasts are usually blown way out of proportion and it is rarely as bad as predicted-this will be the time I am wrong!

The thefts at my school are continuing which is a bit unsettling. We are being told to lock up everything. 

I had to have a filling replaced yesterday and the dentist told me that this latest filling may not last too long as the tooth it is in is not in the best of conditions. I do not like these subtle (and not so subtle hints) that I am getting older (or falling apart!). 

Tonight I continued my search for pull-on hooded sweatshirts (pink and blue) for the older girls in our Christmas Hope family. I thought this would be easy and it isn't. I have one more store to try and then I am giving up. Under Armor makes one for about $60 which is more than I am willing to spend. 

Jim is taking some time off from running to hopefully clear up the heel pain he has had for months. He has visited the running guru physical therapist and is getting treatments from him and has purchased some heel cups to wear in his shoes. We'll see how long
 his running break lasts, historically he gets antsy and gets back into his running routine sooner than originally planned. 

Here is a photo of a couple of the blossoms on my Christmas cactus. They are winter joy!

Hope all is well.

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Tucker said...

Are we going to have to start putting a Parental Advisory on this blog with the recent addition of insinuated vulgarity?!?