Saturday, December 1, 2007

December 1

Wow-it didn't take long to get through November! I imagine December will fly by. 

I haven't blogged for a few days because life has been normal, not boring, just not really blog-worthy. Although I'm sure there are some readers that will be saying, "There is rarely anything blog-worthy in this blog, so what's new!" 

Here's an update on the drainage project that the town wants to do in our yard. I came home from school on Wednesday or Thursday (I can't remember!) to find that 2 exploratory holes had been dug and filled in in the front yard. One was just south of the drain grate the other just north of the apples trees. All the little flags are now gone. Jim talked to the town engineer (John) again and apparently the town was looking for the water main and they found it. John said that the project probably wouldn't get underway until January and could take up to 2 weeks. The guys who drive the snowplows are the guys who will do this project, so if we have a snowy winter, it may never happen! We couldn't be so lucky as to have a snowy winter (I know that is a minority opinion). 

Mattress update: The new mattress and foundations (not called box springs anymore, because there are no springs) were delivered on Thursday and we are pleased with how comfortable the new mattress is. Because the new mattress is so much thicker than the old one that I now need to literally climb into bed. That is something I have to get used to.
We've had  a taste of winter here with cold temps and a dusting of snow. Tomorrow we have a winter storm warning in place because it is supposed to snow, then sleet, then rain. Could be exciting!

Tucker called this afternoon and he is doing well. He was supposed to do a week-long survey project next week, but that has been cancelled because they are supposed to get some serious snow. He will have to do desk work! He is hoping to get some downhill skiing in before coming home in 2 weeks, and Mother Nature seems to cooperating because Colorado and Utah are getting a good deal of the white stuff.

This morning Jim and I got up early and went to the public market. We were on a mission to see what we could find for a meat supply for our 50-mile Christmas dinner. We talked to a man at Joe's Meat Market in Ontario and he seems to be able to get what we may want. I'm not going to tell you what that  is in case we don't end up getting it. The photo is from a vendor who was selling wreaths. One of the men working there was the father of an Odyssey XC runner. He recognized us, in spite of being bundled up!

Tonight we are going to some friends' house for dinner. Jim volunteered us (me) to bring dessert so I made a grape pie and some cookies. I also unwrapped and smashed 156 candy canes so I can start producing my Candy Cane Candy. The house smells nice and pepperminty! I will have a slight delay in my candy production because I discovered that I used up all of my candy boxes last year. There is probably a note around here somewhere reminding me to order some more boxes, but I haven't seen it! So I found a place on the internet that has what I want, but when I tried to call them to ask a few questions, like how fast can you get me the boxes, I heard a message saying that I would need to call back during regular business hours. But I want those boxes NOW! 

Some folks around here are getting their outside Christmas decorations up and I love the lights! Last year I discovered two places that had exceptional light shows and it was fun to take the family and friends to see them. I hope I hear about some more light displays. There seem to be more of those inflatable lawn decorations up this year-I even saw some inflatable turkeys out for Thanksgiving! I think some of those inflatable things are kinda cute but I think they look soooo sad when they are uninflated, just laying on the ground in a cold, wet heap. We will once again put out the Pageant-an inspirational display of lights on our bush by the light pole! 

Hope all is well.

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