Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday, Monday

Here we are in the last week of November. December is right around the corner which means that Christmas will be here in no time. As I mentioned, we got the leaves raked up yesterday so we are now ready for snow!

Our neighbor to the south of us never rakes his leaves, usually leaving them until they blow into our yard or until he hires someone to do it. So yesterday as we were raking and hauling all of our leaves, I was warily eyeing his leaves hoping that this would be the year that we did not have to rake them up. Today it has rained most of the day, weighting down
those leaves, so hopefully they won't blow into our yard! I know that this is a very poor attitude, but I am tired of taking care of his leaves! Oh well, if we do have to rake more leaves, I will try to look at it as a good opportunity for some fresh air and exercise.

I am including a photo of Gram and GrandDad's new car! They picked it up on Saturday and it is fine looking. They liked the Avalon that they had so they bought another one. They have talked about taking a trip to Syracuse to visit  Corey and to see how the car does on the open road. 

The second photo is of a crock-pot of vegetable soup that I put together last weekend. It
was delicious and as you can see from the volume, we will have it for several more meals. Soup is such a wonderful winter dinner, that I have to look for a few more crock pot recipes for soup. Any favorites out there?

Corey went back to school on Saturday afternoon. I thought he might have stayed until Sunday, but we weren't very exciting around here and the guy he wanted to ride back with was leaving on Saturday. He has 2 more weeks of classes before a week of finals and then home for Christmas and New Years. 

Took a short break from writing this to video-chat with Corey. He really couldn't talk because he was in the study room and could get thrown out if he wasn't doing work! I did IM with Tucker, so it has been a good evening-I got to touch base with both boys!

I got a lot of knitting done this weekend and finished knitting the pieces of a scarf for a colleague at work. I knit the scarf part and then 2 edging pieces for each end. They need to be sewn on, but I think I will wait for lots of daylight to do that. I'll post a picture when I am finished with the sewing.

Hope all is well.


Tucker said...
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Tucker said...

That is a very Cooking Magazineish photo of you soup. Sparkling White counter top, things around the sides of the photo that you can barely see, but are thought provoking as to what else you might be cooking, the spoon artfully placed. Fantastic. Save me some!