Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall Fun House Starts

Today was the start of the Annual Fall Fun House in Physical Education at Longridge School. I stayed late at school last night to get things set up and was there early this morning to finish up a few things. There are unique and fun activities set up in both our large and small gyms and a variety of grade levels participate at the same time. This is a wildly popular event and the 5th graders love it as much as the kindergartners. It is very gratifying to see the older students helping out the younger kids. So this PE activity will continue for 3 more days and then it all disappears.
Last night during dinner, the doorbell rang and there was Corey's high school XC coach and band director, Joe. It was good to see him and we got caught up on running and our families. We hope to go to see the Odyssey XC team run in the Sectionals this Saturday, on our way to the Turning Stone Casino and Resort (more on that at another time). He also told us which family was being awarded the Robinson Family Volunteer award this year. This award was established last year, and given to us, as a way to recognize our years of support of Odyssey XC. It was a nice remembrance and we were glad to know that another family was getting recognized this year.
Jim discovered tiny ants crawling on the floor and counter by the sink last night. I hate ants, large and small. There were more there this morning and when I came home from school. I bought some ant traps and will see if that gets rid of them. I always thought ants were a spring time thing, but I guess not. It is supposed to get colder later this week so maybe that will slow them down. Did I mention that I hate ants in my house? If you have any good ideas on ant extermination, leave me a comment. 
I continue to knit on the world's cutest baby hat. I will post a photo when I complete it. I'm glad I love it because I need to make 2 for a woman at school who is having twins. 
Hope everything is well.

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