Friday, October 22, 2010

Congrats Tucker!

Congratulations to Tucker who had his offer accepted on a house and piece of property in southwestern Colorado! Here are 2 photos of the property that he sent to us when he first looked at this house and land. The house is smaller than some of the others that he looked at but the 3.5 acres surrounding the house are superior to any of the other land they looked at. He has beautiful mountain views in one direction and the property has 3 irrigation shares (which are like gold in the west) and a small creek running through one of the corners of the property. By early December, he will close on this house and will a homeowner!

On the home front, we were up at 4:30 this morning so I could take Jim to the airport for an early flight. He flew to Portland, Oregon today for a Master's XC race tomorrow. Good Luck, Jim! Run fast!

After school today, I went to EMS and bought a pair of hiking boots. I decided I wanted to have lots of time to break in a pair of hiking boots before we went on our 120 mile hike next summer. The first time I went to EMS a week or so ago, they didn't have the boots I thought I wanted in my size. Today they did and so I tried on those boots and 2 other styles. I bought the pair that I originally thought I wanted and I am now wearing them around the house to see how they feel. So far, so good. I am going to try a different pair of socks when I finish this blog entry. Here is a photo of my new boots.

I don't have any "must do" plans for this weekend, but hope to get some leaves raked and some knitting done.

My Christmas cactus is misnamed~it should be called a Halloween cactus because it is close to blooming! Oh well, I am just thrilled that I can get it to bloom and will enjoy its pretty pink blossoms whenever they feel like opening!

Go Yankees!

Hope all is well.

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