Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Saturday night, watching football and knitting~sounds like a good night! Plus I just finished watching the Yankees beat the Red Sox, which is always good.

Last night we went to GEVA theater and saw Amadeus which we both really enjoyed. I was a bit concerned going into the show because I heard that it ran for 3 hours! I gave up going to the local high school musicals because they went for 3 hours and I don't like to sit for that long, even if there is an intermission. Well, Amadeus keep my attention the whole time, and I only looked at my watch twice! There was lots of yawning in the Beetle on the way home at 11:15 PM!

Today we were out and about on a beautiful fall day. This morning we went to Genesee Valley Park for the McQuaid Invitational. We cheered on the Odyssey runners and got to see some people we knew. It was a great day for a cross-country race and we enjoyed walking around the park.

From the races, we drove south to Naples where we picked a couple of pecks of grapes. The aroma as we walked through the vineyard was overpowering~so grapey!!!

On the way home we stopped at the Dome Arena to check out the Ski Show. I have needed new XC ski boots for several years, but if I get new boots I have to get new skis because the bindings have changed since I bought my skis and boots many years ago. Unfortunately, the only skis that were at this show were non-wax, and I prefer waxable skis so we will look at some ski shops at another time.

When we got home, I did some work around the yard and Jim went for a run.

Corey was in Madison, Wisconsin today for a XC race and he had a good day. He ran a PR and finished 6th for his SU team. Congratulations, Corey! Well Done!

In September the stump in our front yard was removed and last week the town workers returned to fill in the hole with top soil and spread some grass seed. Hopefully the grass will come in before the snow flies.

Jim has harvested most of our apples and to date I have made about 15 pints of applesauce from 2 pecks of apples. So many apples fall from the trees and the squirrels and bugs get into them, but I will end up with more applesauce than we can eat!
Tucker continues to look at property in Colorado. We have enjoyed looking on the internet at the properties he is considering. Google Earth is an amazing tool!

Tomorrow I am going to make grape pie fillings with Grandma's help. I also may try dehydrating some apple slices.

We have signed a contract to have our windows replaced. It will take 3-4 weeks for the windows to be manufactured and delivered and then it will take a couple of days for the installation. It will be good to have new windows before the really cold weather arrives.

Speaking of cold weather, we have made it to October without having to turn on the heat, which makes Jim sooo happy!

I will close this entry with a photo of the sunset over the mall from earlier this week.
Hope all is well.

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