Friday, June 25, 2010

Top Ten Bike Ride

Now I have been on a lot of bike rides, hundreds, perhaps thousands and today I went on a ride that made my Top Ten list of bike rides.

After leaving school at 10:40 AM for the last time this school year, I headed east on the Thruway to Jenny Lake. I made a stop in Syracuse to go for a short ride with Corey. I told him that I had about an hour to ride and that I did not need to do all the hills in Syracuse in that hour. So he took me on a great ride that included 3 good hills, a bakery and a yarn store!! A bakery and a yarn store~ that boy earned major points for that ride. My cyclometer wasn't working but we think we went about 10 miles but they were great miles! So, thanks Corey for a great ride and thanks for waiting for me at the top of the hills! We also made a stop at the Clark Reservation State Park to look at a very pretty glacial formed lake. It was a great ride.

I got to Jenny Lake about 5;30 PM, arriving about an hour after Jim, Maryanne and Zach. I arrived in time for a great meatloaf dinner with fresh green beans from Maryanne's garden. And later tonight I will have some Adirondack Bear Paw ice-cream for a bedtime snack. That should allow for very sweet dreams.

Time to go for a walk.

Hope all is well.


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