Friday, April 23, 2010

DC Photos and more

As promised, here are some photos from my Washington, DC trip, with brief captions.

These first 5 pictures are from my solo ride on the Mount Vernon trail. I have no photos from when Liz and I rode the southern part of this trail because we were under time constraints and were riding too fast! I rode north on the trail from Alexandria, VA to see some of the memorials and monuments for which Washington, DC is famous.

Sunday night I went out to dinner with Liz and Ryan. Apparently the flash on my camera was in the OFF position so this is the best of the 2 photos I took that night. We had a nice dinner at a good chili place.

On Monday I moved from Alexandria to Herndon, VA so I could ride the W&OD trail, a railroad bed converted to a multi-use paved trail. The following photos are from my 2 days of riding and are typical scenes along the 45 mile route.

I took this picture in the town of Purcellville, the western terminus of the trail. I liked the island in the middle of the trail with arrows directing the bikers to turn around and go back the way they came!
So if you ever find yourself in DC with your bike or a willingness to rent one, I would highly recommend the Mount Vernon Trail and the W & OD Trail.

Tuesday night I met Liz and her friend Melissa at the Nationals Baseball Park for game between the Nationals and the Colorado Rockies. It was a fun evening inspite of the fact that there were very few people at the game and that the home team was losing 10-0 at the third inning! The Nationals scored a few runs but were still losing 10-4 when we left at the 7th inning. I never did see the final score. I took the Metro (subway) into DC and that was a great way to travel. Here are three photos from the ballpark.

It was Free T-Shirt Tuesday at the game, so we all put on our Nationals shirts to support the team (and to keep warm!).

I've been home for a couple of days and have gotten lots of little chores done around the house, which always feels good. Yesterday (Thursday), Jim and I went for a bike ride during his lunch hour which was fun. We had dinner at the Villages on Thursday night.

Today I went shopping and out to lunch with Gram and we had a good time.

Tomorrow we have a 35 mile bike ride planned and in the evening we will be going to church for the Centennial Dinner. On Sunday there is a big Centennial Worship Service planned that includes some former pastors coming back to help with the service. 100 years is a wonderful milestone for a church.

The Rochester running community got some sad news today~Pete Glavin passed away after a 16 month battle with brain cancer. His contribution and dedication to running in Rochester (and beyond) has been unmatched and he will be missed for who he was and all the good he did.

Hope all is well.

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zachoster said...

Aunt Marji, i hate to break it to you but the nationals stink. Go phillies!!!