Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

There seems to be a fair amount to report, so here goes.

Saturday was a fun day~I started the day by going to a Young Life Baskets and Brunch fundraiser with Sherri. There were over 1oo baskets in which you could put one or more of your raffle tickets. After a nice brunch the winning number for each basket was drawn and the winner given the basket of goodies. My streak continues, I did not win. However, Sherri's good luck streak continues as she won 2!! One of her baskets had a BBQ theme and was filled with lots of accessories and food items that you might use at a BBQ. The other basket was filled with picnic/party supplies so I told Sherri I expected to be invited over for a BBQ party! Last year when I went to this event, I was the highest bidder at the Silent Auction, on a pretty necklace. I bid on another necklace this year, but didn't love it enough to follow up my bid. I did win the floral centerpiece which was a treat. The overall theme for this year's Baskets and Brunch was "Shoes" so each of the centerpieces was an arrangement in a fancy dress shoe. It is cute. Overall, it was a fun morning and I was glad to spend some time with Sherri.

Late Saturday afternoon GrandDad and I left for Syracuse to watch West Virginia play Kentucky in the Elite Eight level of March Madness. It was another great game and it was fun to share it with GrandDad. Here are a couple of pictures from our time at the Carrier Dome.

We got home from the game at 11:30 PM, which was much more reasonable than the 2 AM arrival on Friday morning! Today I'm still feeling the effects of 2 late nights, even though I slept pretty good last night.

Today I started my broccoli seeds, hoping for sprouts. Here are some photos from the starting process:
The seeds will hopefully germinate (?) on the wet paper towels in this plastic dish.
Less than a tablespoon of seeds go in the dish.

The covered dish is in the window for some daylight. I hope this works. Broccoli sprouts have many health benefits and I love to have them on my salads and sandwiches.

Corey raced at Stanford University in California and had a good 5K race. Jim raced in Boston this weekend at the National Masters Indoor Track Meet and brought home 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals! So it was a good running weekend for the Robinson family from coast to coast!

Congratulations to the RIT men's hockey team who had 2 upset win this weekend to earn a spot in the NCAA Frozen Four! Go Tigers!

Short week at school coming up because we have Good Friday off. Busy week ahead as we are out every night!

Hope all is well.

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