Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I have been such a spectator this weekend and it has been great!

Of course, the Olympics have continued to be spectacular. There has always been a good story to go along with each event. And today the USA/Canada hockey game did not disappoint. Although I would have preferred that the Americans won, I am still very happy for our neighbors to the north. Now, I write this as the Closing Ceremonies are being broadcast. There has been a wonderful re-cap of all the events, which is fun to watch.

Last night Jim and I went to the RIT hockey game versus Canisius College with Gram and GrandDad.
The RIT team beat Canisius 8-0 on Friday night, but last night we saw a more competitive game with RIT coming out on top 5-4. From the hockey arena, we went back to Gram and GrandDad's to watch Syracuse play their arch rival, Villanova, in basketball. This game was a sell-out in the Carrier Dome with 34, 616 tickets being sold. Corey had one of those tickets. To show the importance of this game, Corey wore his orange pants! We got home to see the second half of the basketball game and Syracuse put on a real show and soundly beat Villanova! Corey said the celebration in Syracuse continued on through the night once the final buzzer sounded to end the actual game!

So today we wrap up the Olympics. But to keep me from getting in to a sports-withdrawl funk, Jim reminded me that March Madness is right around the corner!

We had Gram, GrandDad, and Grandma here for dinner tonight. I made Wegman's ribs and they were delicious. Corey called while we were finishing dessert and we passed the phone around so he could talk to everyone.

Here is a photo of how much snow we got. If you are having trouble reading the tape measure, the snow depth is a hair under 19 inches~a very respectable snow storm!
I see from my poll about cleaning behind your sofa, that there our cleaning priorities cover a fairly wide spectrum!

My seascape shawl is progressing nicely. I have 4 more rows of 485 stitches each and then will finish off the bottom edge with some nice picot edging. Then there is an i-cord that I need to knit onto the top edge to stabilize the edge that goes around my neck. I can hardly wait to finish knitting this and then block it to see the lace patterns pop right out.

Have a good week.

Hope all is well.

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