Sunday, January 24, 2010

Memorial Service

A Memorial Service was held for Jim's Dad on Thursday, January 21st and it was a beautiful celebration of his life. Jeanne, Michal, Terry and Jim all wrote and read very moving tributes to Porge. Corey and Tucker sang two Grateful Dead songs, Ripple and Bird Song, in honor and memory of their grandfather. If you would like to see and hear their musical tribute, click here. About one minute into this YouTube video, it gets a little jiggly. That is because I was crying too much to keep the camera steady and Jim had to take over as videographer!

Many of Jim's relatives came into town for this service and it brought us great comfort and joy to be surrounded by so many family members who had so many fond memories of Porge. After the service all these family members were joined by many friends for a meal and a chance to share memories at our house. It ended up being a very joyful celebration and a reminder of how many lives Porge touched. Here are some photos from the party here at our house.

We are very grateful to all of our friends and family who helped to make this event such a success. We love you all.

Friday morning we all went to say one final good bye to Porge, husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, son, uncle, brother and all around good guy.

This weekend, Jeanne, Jim and I took advantage of some beautifully frozen ice at Canal Ponds and went for a skate. Jeanne had to wear Jim's skates and he wore Porge's old skates, but we all had a great time!
So tomorrow we return to our everyday lives of jobs and responsibilities, knowing that we all have one more guardian angel watching over us.

Hope all is well.

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