Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

T'was the day after Christmas, and now it is time to catch up! Both boys got home last weekend and there hasn't been a free minute since.

We had a good Christmas here, with one small hiccup in our festivities, but more on that later. Here are some photos to go along with a brief description of our activities.

I, of course had to work on the Monday-Wednesday before Christmas, but I left Jim and the boys lists of things to do to get ready for Christmas and that worked out pretty well.

Tuesday night we went to the Syracuse basketball game with Bob, Sally and Liz. We ate a quick pizza dinner in Corey's apartment before heading over to The Dome to watch SU dominate Oakland University.

On Wednesday, Jim, MaryAnne and Zach arrived and then the fun really started. A cousin photo was taken to document the event.

Gram hosted Christmas Eve dinner and here are some shots of the attendees. They all look so happy because dinner is about to be served!

The hiccup to our festivities that I alluded to earlier was that Grandpa woke up Christmas Eve day not feeling well. He had some of the same symptoms he had when he had his heart attack back in October so he was admitted to the hospital. After some tests and procedures, he is hoping to be discharged in the very near future. But since he missed our Christmas celebration, we took the celebration to him. Tucker took his guitar and Corey took his banjo and we all sang a rousing chorus of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas", which fortunately did not get us thrown out of the hospital.

Gram, GranDad, Jim, MaryAnne, Zach and Grandma joined us on Christmas morning for the giving of gifts. And I must say, we all must have been very good because many beautiful, thoughtful and generous gifts were exchanged. Here are some photos from our Christmas morning.

Here is a photo of Tucker modeling his handknit sweater with matching hat. I am so happy that they both fit and he seems to like them both!

We were joined for Christmas dinner by Bob, Sally and Liz which made for a full, lively dining room.

Here is a photo of the "kid's table" modeling the paper crowns that were part of the surprises in the Christmas poppers that were at each person's place at the table.

So, all in all, it was a good Christmas celebration. We thank everyone for their contribution to making the day a wonderful holiday memory. We are grateful for the family and friends who joined us on Christmas and for the many ways they all enrich our lives.

Merry Christmas and hope all is well.

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