Monday, September 28, 2009

Back Home

I'm back from Women's Weekend and I cannot tell you very much because most of what happens on Women's Weekend, stays on Women's Weekend. There are a couple of things I will tell you about and those will follow here, but know that I had a wonderful time with 5 very dear friends. This was our 16th consecutive Women's Weekend and we are already looking forward to number 17. 

On Saturday morning I got up to discover that the lake had a blanket of fog on it. I quickly got dressed in my warm clothes because it was 39ยบ! I took my rowboat out in to the fog and it was a surreal experience. As I rowed away from the shore I was silently enveloped into the fog layer. The fog was on the move and views of the shore or ridge line came in and out of sight. As I rowed up the far shore, there seemed to be a fog machine churning out the fog from Turtle Cove. When I was rowing more in the middle of the lake (I think that is where I was), I was rowing on faith as I could not see beyond the bow of the boat and the fog quickly closed in around the stern of the boat. As the sun came up, the scene became even more beautiful as the sun worked hard to burn off the fog. Here are some photos from my morning on the lake. I have about 100 more!

The other thing I want to share involves a whole lot of luck. On Saturday night I turned on the TV to see if the Syracuse football game was on and sure enough it was. We watched for a while and then changed to the Purdue game so Sherri could look for Terry who was at the game. At halftime of the Purdue game I changed the channel so I could see the SU score. One minute after turning to the SU game, during a time out in the game, the SU Cross-Country coach was interviewed about that team's season. During the interview some video was shown of the SU's most recent meet and there was Corey running across the TV screen. And it was not some distant shot, it was a full screen of him running!!! That was super exciting!! Corey was at the game so did not see himself, but one of this friends that was watching the game at home, texted him to say that he saw Corey! It was all very cool, and just such a coincidence that I turned back to the SU game at just the right time!

Tucker moved into his mini mansion this weekend and sent us these photos. The first is obviously the outside of his place. The next photo is the kitchen and the last photo was taken while standing in the kitchen, looking into the living room. There are some new appliances and some fresh paint. He is very happy to have his own house! Want his new address? E-mail me or leave a comment.

Did you watch the first episode of the National Park series on PBS last night? It continues every night this week and each show is 2 hours, with no commercial interruptions! The photography is incredible and the story line is interesting and educational. So, go to the bathroom, grab a beverage and settle in for a great show. This is going to be great knitting time!

Cool, wet weather has moved in and is in the forecast for awhile. Oh, well.

Hope all is well.

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Liz said...

That picture of the dock, row boat and fog is awesome! You should enter it into a competition! Glad to hear the weekend was fun, as usual!!!