Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tallinn, Estonia

Today was our day to travel to the country of Estonia, which is across the Sea of Finland, south of Helsinki. We took a fast-speed ferry at 10 AM and arrived in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, at 11:30 AM.

It was another picture-perfect day, and this town is a photographer's dream. If you are only in Tallinn for one day, there is only one thing to do and that is wander the cobble streets of the Old Town, so that is what we did.
Do you see the church steeple in this photo below? Remember, you can click on a photo to make it bigger. This church rises up above the city and there is a staircase up to where the pointy corner pieces are and you can walk around the top of this tower section. We knew we had to do that so that was our second destination, the first being an ATM where we could get some Estonia Kroons ($$$). We climbed 265 stone stairs up a narrow spiral staircase and then there were about 35 more very steep wooden steps to get out onto the narrrow walkway by the metal steeple part! It was amazing! Corey, you would have loved it! The views around the city were unmatched! Check out these photos.

After spending some quality time up top, we continued our adventure by walking down all those stairs.

We spent the next 3 hours wandering the narrow streets, and marveling at the view around each corner and through each arch. There were unique churches on every corner and in the main market square. Many of these buildings date back to the 14 and 1500's. Enjoy these scenes.

We even found a view of the local track!

Lunch was in a restaurant that featured Estonian food.

We took the 5 PM ferry home because I am catching a 9:23 PM train up north so I can cross the Artic Circle. So I have to stop writing right now. Time to catch my train!

Hope all is well.

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