Friday, August 7, 2009

Lahti, Finland

This morning we took the train from Helsinki to Lahti, a town about 100 K northeast of Helsinki. More on Lahti in a minute. First here a few of photos from our dinner last night.

The restaurant was right at the harbor's edge, with boats coming and going for entertainment.

Jim had the arctic char and I had the lamb.

And we had dessert. Jim had the blueberry and chocolate mousse and I had a piece of rhubarb and almond pie. Notice that there is no crust on my pie! It all was delicious!

After breakfast at our hotel this morning, we took a trolley to the train station where we made a quick stop to buy more strawberries and a loaf of bread for our lunch today. The train was a great way to travel, arriving in Lahti right on time (10:45 AM). We walked to our hotel, dropped off our luggage and walked to the facility where Jim could pick up his race packet. This world track and field meet is being held in several different locations around Lahti, but the place to check in was at the main sports center here in Lahti. In addition to a great track, this site features 3 ski jump hills and is one of the training facilities for Finnish ski jumpers.
We watched several hurdle races and I got a chance to practice waving my little American Flag as USA runners competed! From here we walked to the site of Jim's race tomorrow. It is another nice track at the top of the highest hill in Lahti!
Jim did not want to walk 30,000 steps today so we went back to the hotel so he could rest his legs for tomorrow. I have no reason not to walk, so while Jim made some work phone calls I went shopping here in Lahti. I bought some yarn to make some Finnish-styled mittens like the ones I saw in the market in Helsinki. I also bought a canvas bag from Merimekko. Jim had one more phone call to make when I returned so I headed out for a walk to the lake that on the north edge of town. I discovered a lovely park by the lake and took a nice walk through the park before heading back to the hotel. I may try to find a place to rent a bike tomorrow morning because it looks like there is a nice bike trail around a portion of the lake.

We ate dinner at an Italian restaurant tonight so Jim could "carbo-load." The place was full of runners! Jim returned to the hotel after dinner and I took one more walk through the park by the lake.

Jim races around 1 PM local time and then we will board a train for the return trip to Helsinki.

Something to look forward to, if Jim's race is not enough! We have purchased ferry tickets to take us to the country of Estonia, across the Baltic Sea on Sunday. The 1.5 hour ferry ride takes us to the capital city of Tallin, where we will walk around in the old town before taking a mid-afternoon ferry back to Helsinki.

Keep posted for a race update tomorrow.

Hope all is well.

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