Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

Since coming home from Idaho, my days have been delightfully relaxing! I get up shortly after Jim does, have some breakfast while leisurely  reading the newspaper. I make a "Things to Do" list and then spend the day checking off the items. And if I don't get to something, it just goes on the next day's list. Everyday has an exercise component which is not too hard to squeeze into my day. I love summer!

I've been getting things ready for our trip to Scandanavia, including reading the guide books so we have some idea of what we may want to do. I've also done a fair amount of knitting, including figuring out the heel part of my latest pair of socks. I am using a new pattern, with a "new to me" heel and I had to rip out my work 3 times before I got it close to right. I'm sure the second heel will go better. 

Jeannie was here this past weekend and we were all involved with helping Maw and Porge get their house ready to sell. The house went on the market on Monday and there have been many people through it every day since. Hopefully one of these interested parties will put in an offer on the house. 

On Sunday, Corey came home for the afternoon to have dinner with us and Jeannie, Maw and Porge. We ate outside (only the 2nd time this summer!) and had a good meal of BBQ ribs.

On Monday night we went out to dinner with Bob and Sally, who have returned from Bob's great bike ride across the country. It was good to be with them again and hear about their adventures. 

I took a nice bike ride today, 23.4 miles, and enjoyed the overcast skies! Of course the rain came later in the afternoon!

Here is a great photo of Jim from his 1500 meter race in Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago. It reminds me of "The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat!" from the Wide World of Sports many years ago. In this photo, they are just steps away from the finish line and Jim's competitor knows that Jim has him beat!

Tomorrow I am off to see 3 Mo' Divas at GEVA theater with Diane. It should be fun.

Hope all is well.

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