Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Update

I guess the biggest thing I want to share is that there was an article in the Democrat and Chronicle on Monday morning (front page!) about our Field Day!  A reporter and photographer showed up and took a bunch of photos and asked a lot of questions but we weren't really sure what was going to show up in the paper. Click HERE to go to the article on-line. Yours truly is quoted towards the end of the article.

Today was a glorious day! I took all my classes outside for batting practice! During my planning time today, I went to one of the kindergarten classes to demonstrate how to spin yarn. The kids loved it and were rather amazed that people actually made their own yarn. 

I was supposed to go to yoga class late this afternoon, but it was too nice outside so I went for a bike ride instead. That was a good decision because it was a good ride. 

Jim ran in the Tuesday night track meet (a weekly thing) at RIT in preparation for racing in Toronto this weekend. 

Tomorrow night I have my volunteer job at the hospital and then Thursday night I am going to a retirement dinner for one of the teaching assistants at our school. Busy, busy!

Here is one more lovely shot from the boy's trip in Utah. I think this is Canyonlands.

Hope all is well. 

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