Saturday, May 30, 2009

On My Own

On Friday morning, at 6 AM, I dropped Corey and Jim  off at the airport for their trip to see Tucker. All their flights went as planned and I believe that they are now on a canoe/kayak trip down the Dolores River for a couple of days. I know that they will have a wonderful time together.

I can update you on the last 3 days around here via the numbers on my pedometer.  Jim wears his pedometer every day and keeps track of his steps because J&J rewards its employees when they accumulate a certain number of steps. I only wear my pedometer when I think I may have a big step day. Health professionals have determined that 10,000 steps in a day is a good target for most people, and for most people that translates into about 4 miles of walking. So we will start with Thursday when I did my mile walk before school started. My PE lessons included dancing and rope jumping, so I was at about 15,000 steps when I left school.  Corey, Jim and I then went to RIT for the Corporate Challenge, a 3.5 mile race/walk. I walked the course and then did fair amount of walking as I cheered the runners during the actual race. By the time I got home I was just shy of 30,000 steps! The weather during the race was dreadful, heavy rain with thunder and lightning! Jim is wearing the red shirt and white hat in this photo and did well considering the conditions. He is anxious to hear how the J&J team did in the standings.

Friday was a half day for the students and I had to run a special program for the incoming kindergartners during the morning. After lunch, I sat through 2.5 hours of meetings~not many steps there. But I had signed up to be part of the school's Relay for Life team and that meant lots of walking. I walked around the middle school track for over 2 hours, along with a couple hundred other walkers, and when I got home at 10:30 PM, I had just over 24,000 steps!

This morning I woke up early and decided to go back to the Relay for Life event (it is an overnight event, but I chose not to stay the night). My teammates were thrilled that I returned because they had taken turns walking all night and I took over being the team rep on the track as they laid around on the ground and in the chairs. So I walked for 2-plus more hours and had 15,000 steps by the time I left at 9 AM. And now after running some errands, cutting the grass in the front yard and an after dinner walk, I am sitting here with 27,000 steps!

My errands today included dropping my new bike off at the bike shop where I bought it, so it could have its 30 day tune-up. From there I continued south on 390 to a church in Rush, where the Shepherd Wool Market was being held. This is an event for local farmers who raise fiber animals (sheep, alpacas, goats, rabbits), to sell their fiber. There were freshly shorn fleeces to purchase as well as roving (fiber ready to be spun), handspun yarn and finished knitted products. I bought a small amount of roving from some sheep breeds that I have never spun. 

On my way back to get my bike, I stopped at Best Buy to look at small cameras. Jim took my blog camera (the one I carry with me all the time, in case I see something blog-worthy) to Utah and I was feeling a bit frustrated since I had already missed several events because I didn't have my small camera. I do have a full-sized digital camera, that takes wonderful photos, but it is not as easy to carry around. So I looked what was new since I was last camera shopping several years ago and saw a couple of interesting models. I came home and did some on-line research and then returned to the nearby Best Buy and purchased a new Canon. Here are a couple of photos of my new camera, with the clothes pin for size perspective,taken with my SLR camera.

After dinner I decided to walk to the carnival that is running in the far parking lot of the mall and take some photos with my new camera. I bought a ticket to ride the ferris wheel and here are a couple of pics from that ride.

It was a lovely night for the festival, which is a fundraiser for local youth programs, and I'm sure the place will be packed later in the night. I did not have to wait in line to buy my ticket or to get on the ferris wheel. It was a very pleasant ride, especially since there was no one sharing my seat that liked to rock the seat!! You know who you are!!

So I am feeling quite tired tonight and will turn in soon, and will try to stay awake long enough to finish my Nicholas Sparks' book.

I hope to get a bike ride in tomorrow, but the weather is questionable right now.

Hope all is well. 


SandyGram said...

My feet are tired just reading. I spent all day at the church's yard sale, (Johnstown-wide garage sales)...breezy bright day this afternoon.

Tucker said...

Actually we boated the San Juan, Dolores dammed up for the season, now