Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 9th

How's that for an attention-grabbing title for today's entry? I guess my creative juices have dried up for tonight!

This weekend has been about errands, football and time with my spinning wheel. Once we got a bunch of errands done on Saturday I settled in the living room with college football on the TV and my spinning wheel in front of me. I have been spinning some fiber for a scarf for Corey for a long time and decided I could finish the spinning if I made one concerted effort.  I need good light to spin so have not been spinning at night, after the sun has set. However, late yesterday afternoon I had Jim move my "natural" light out from behind the couch and out by my wheel and that allowed me to spin no matter what the sun was doing. Last night I filled the second bobbin with a navy blue single. Today I took my 2 bobbins of singles and plied them together making 2 nice skeins. See the photo below. I am quite pleased with how the yarn came out and will start to knit once I "set the twist" by soaking the skien in water and letting it dry. I may take my orange and blue skeins to my spinning guild meeting this next Saturday for "show and tell." Spinners bring new fiber they purchased, yarn they have spun and finished projects they made from handspun yarn for show and tell. It is always interesting to see what other, more experienced spinners are doing.

Jim and I raked up more leaves on Saturday. There are still some leaves on 3 of our trees, but I think we have the bulk of our leaves up. Of course, I'm sure we will get a strong wind from the south, blowing all of the leaves in our neighbor's yard into ours, giving us another chance to get some exercise! It happens every year and I believe our neighbor is amused by this. 

Jim went to Vernon/Verona NY today for a XC race. He ran well, winning his age-group, and then stopped to see Corey on his way home. Jim reports that while in the Vernon-Verona area, he found and bought gas for $2.36/gal, on the Indian reservation! Jim's race is run on a high school campus right behind the Turning Stone Resort/Casino, which is Indian owned and run. In year's past, Jim and I have stayed at the Resort the night before the race, enjoying a nice dinner and donating some money to the slot machines. Last year when we did this, the smoke in the casino was so overwhelming that I quickly lost $20 and we were back in our smoke-free room in about 15 minutes.  It was at this point that I decided that I did not need to go back to that casino.

I took a couple of photos of my current knitting projects because the sun was almost shining so I could take the photos outside and not need the flash. So here is the start of Jim's sweater.

And here is my scarf. I think there is more purple in the yarn than shows in the photo.

Jim delivered a grape pie to Corey so that makes 6 pies that I made in one week-an new personal best!!! I hope you enjoy it, Corey!

Amaryllis update-one of the bulbs has a new bud just starting to push its nose up! I'll get a photo of it when it grows another 1/8 inch!

I bought Sheryl Crow's new Christmas CD at Hallmark yesterday and it has some lovely songs on it. 

I read that American Idol runner-up David Archuleta has his debut CD coming out on Tuesday. I hope it is great-I'll get mine from iTunes and load it onto my iTouch ASAP. 

Hope all is well.

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I paid $2.35 for gas in St. Johnsville on Wednesday, and $2.29 on Sunday. Saw it for sale for$2.09 in Herkimer.