Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hello from New York City! I am doing this entry from one of the hundreds of computers at the Apple store at the corner of Central Park.

Yesterday we had a delightful train ride to the Big Apple, with the train running right on time. It was fun for me to see some of the landmarks and sites that I just rode my bike by last week. I was able to give Jim the tour as we travelled along the Hudson River. It was a beautiful day and after an exciting taxi ride to our hotel we went walking around the city. 

We came to the Apple store last night but it was beyond crowded! As we were walking we were keeping our eyes opened for a possible restaurant choice for dinner. Even though it was early (6:00 PM) we were starving-I had misjudged the amount of food I brought on the train, so lunch was kind of thin! Poor Jim! So we found what ended up being a great little Italian restaurant called Fagiolina's. They had a pre-theater dinner plan which ended up being reasonable and delicious. We had a choice of appetizer, soup or salad, 4 or 5 entree choices, and a dessert choice. After our tasty meal we walked around a bit and then headed back to our hotel, The Roosevelt Hotel (a Priceline deal), where we watched some Olympics.

This morning Jim went for a run and I went for a walk before breakfast. We will do some more walking around before heading to the Cruise Ship pier around 1 PM. We are both looking forward to this cruise. The ship leaves at 5 PM and tomorrow is a day at sea. On Monday we will tour Saint John, New Bruswick and Tuesday we will visit Halifax, Nova Scotia. Wednesday is a day at sea and Thursday we are back in NYC, catching the afternoon train back to Rochester.

I don't know if I will write any entries while we're on the cruise. I'll see if I can drag myself out of the casino!!!

Hope all is well.

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