Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday, Monday

Yesterday we had a rare visit from our Iowa/Colorado friends, John and Ann. We met them in 1982 on  a Grand Canyon river trip and have been fast friends ever since. John is one of the founders of the Iowa bike ride, RAGBRAI and will be riding again this summer (along with me and 9,998 other bikers). John and Ann have a son and family in Massachusetts  and were on their way there to see their granddaughter graduate from high school. We were thrilled to spend an afternoon and evening with them, catching up on each other's lives and reminiscing about past adventures we have shared. They are welcome here anytime they are passing through.
Jim and I left John and Ann in Corey's care as we left for work around 7 AM. We encouraged them to stay until at least 8:30 so they did not get caught in rush hour traffic on 490. Hopefully, they had an uneventful trip to MA. 

Now that it is June, the students and staff at school are counting down the days until summer vacation. As of this moment we have 17 1/2 days left with students. Teachers have 18 1/2 days! Today was another beautiful day here so I was outside with my classes for a batting lesson. It was a good day.

I rode my bike to school today and hope to get one or two more rides in this week, it is all weather dependent and we have some rain in the forecast for Wednesday and maybe Thursday.

Hope all is well. 

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