Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Corey!

Today is Corey's 19th birthday (and this is correct, unlike my error with Tucker's birthday). Here in Greece, New York, turning 19 now allows you access to the Mall on weekend evenings and I know he is very excited about that! Lucky Corey is spending his birthday at Jenny Lake with his friend, Mike G. and Gram and GrandDad. We talked to him today and he was waiting for his turn to nap on the porch swing. Life is good!

Happy Memorial Day! In the days leading up to today, the forecast was for this to be a rainy day, with possible thunder showers. So when I got up at 7:15 and saw some sun shining, I decided to go for an early bike ride. I was home by 9:45 AM and had 25 miles on my cyclometer. Sally and Bob were coming over tonight to celebrate Sally's birthday, so I immediately started making a world famous Kodak carrot cake. 

I got lots of little jobs done this afternoon, but also had some time to spin. I am half way through the orange roving that I bought in Maryland. I also delivered the cute shrug that I knit to Sue, for her granddaughter, Audrey. A cute shrug for a cute girl!

The rain never came today, which meant that Jim spent a lot of time moving the sprinkler around on the new grass seed. There is not any evidence of new grass yet, but our neighbors have a hint of green now on their newly seeded lawn, and they were hydro-seeded about 3 or 4 days before we were, so we are not giving up hope yet. 

We talked to Tucker and Corey today, which was a great way to end a weekend. Tucker had a few days off from his job this week because of a snow storm!! I guess that is better than the tornados that many parts of our country have been experiencing. Tucker went to see the new Indiana Jones movie this weekend, so now all the guys in the family have seen that film and they are happy. I'll wait until it is out on DVD. 

Corey says he will be home tomorrow, after he and Mike kayak the Black River on their way home from camp. He says he has lots of good photos from his weekend, so I will try to include some in future blog entries. 

Here is a photo that brother Bob sent, showing their supply of wood that he, Joanie, and their 2 young friends, split and stacked last weekend. Looks like a job well done. How's that kitchen project coming?

We got word that Jeannie and Britni made it safely to California, Britni's new home for her railroad job. Let us know Britni's address so we can send her a letter at her new place!

This is a busy week, I am out every night. It is all good stuff, but busy none-the-less. I will be glad to have my butler back in town so I don't have to worry about dinner! I am rowing in a regatta on Saturday, so two of my evenings out involve practice sessions for that. 

Hope all is well.

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