Monday, February 4, 2008

Let the Sewer Work Begin

I came home today to find the front yard dug up and a Water Authority sawhorse marking the area. We have a temporary black top sidewalk and a good muddy driveway. There was a note on our front door from the Water Authority stating that our water had been turned off for awhile so to expect some discolored water and sputtering from our faucets. We thought the work was going to happen when the ground was frozen, but apparently someone was anxious to get started. We'll see what things look like tomorrow when we get home.
Congratulations to all the Giants fans out there. The Super Bowl was a good game, and I was happy for the Giants, but really would have liked to see the Patriots have a perfect season. I thought it was pretty poor sportsmanship by Bill B. to walk off the field with one second left on the clock. He has such a great football mind, but seems to lack some social skills. I didn't win any money in school football pool, but my hopes were not too high on that one.  Thanks to all who voted in the poll. And then there was Tiger Woods, coming from 4 strokes down to win another golf tournament. That was pretty exciting. I cheer for him, too.

Yesterday I started knitting a scarf out of 2 different variegated yarns and I like the way it is progressing. I needed a project that was fairly mindless for times when I wanted to knit, but could not concentrate on the lace pattern for my socks. I will put up a scarf progress photo when I have a bit more to show. 

Got a note from Jeannie saying that Britni was settling nicely into her training for her new job with Burlington Northern Railroad. Britni has been issued her own hard hat and steel-toed shoes! You go girl!!!

Hope all is well. 

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