Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter Solstice Party

Tucker finally made it home on Monday night after spending 2 nights in Dallas! He loves travelling by plane in the winter! We're glad to have him home.

Yesterday Corey and Tucker worked for 3 hours on an impressive snow fort. See photo. 

After reading an e-mail from my brother, Bob, we have decided to hold a Winter Solstice party this Friday night, starting at 7 PM, in the fort. You are invited. Please note that this will be an outdoor party with a campfire and hot beverages. This party is to celebrate our great snow fort and the lengthening of the day light hours. There will be live music! Stop by to say hi and have your picture taken by the fort!
I'm starting to feel better after being diagnosed with a sinus infection and taking 2 of the 3 antibiotic pills at $18 a piece. I better be feeling better at that price!

Time to go plan a party. Hope you can join us!

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